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Welcome to Ohana Ventures | Senior Care Communities

Our mission is to create and support senior care communities that thrive. We do this through our core values of Collaboration, Integrity, and Servanthood.

Our People Drive Our Mission

The comfort, happiness and fulfillment of aligning great staff with great residents is what drives us at 'Ohana. Developing and implementing strategic operating standards that support strong outcomes in our customer's experience sets 'Ohana apart. Placing the needs of our residents as our primary dedication, means our communities focus on the right quality outcomes, which ultimately aligns with our partner's goals. Our mission is to create and support senior care communities that thrive. To Achieve this we primarily focus on our core values of Collaboration, Integrity, and Servanthood.
As a team, we take care of your loved one and their individual needs.

Our Services:

What we do and how we can help you. With over 80 years of combined experience in senior housing and healthcare, 'Ohana manages communities through solid outcome based systems.

Our Management Solutions and Systems include:

  • COVID and other Infection Control Expertise
  • Reviewing schedules involving sleep, eating and medicine. Financial and Technology System Integration
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • Clinical and Health Services Expertise
  • Human Resources and Benefits Standardization
  • Evidence-Based Best Practice Operations
  • Leadership and Management Development

Our Management Support

‘Ohana Management Services, rooted in our long history of successful operations, seamlessly blends your existing systems with ours to create the optimal program. We manage all aspects of the community to allow the investment to thrive. Our leadership team has a long history in senior housing and healthcare, allowing our management services to help your community excel in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Let our experienced team point you in the right direction.

Our Team

Matthew Hilty, President

Over the past 32 years, Matthew has had the opportunity to support and grow senior housing and healthcare businesses in both urban and rural areas that succeed in quality of care, compliance, and financial outcomes. Through his zealous commitment to excellence in care, service, and business, he has been able to create outstanding environments for those he serves. With his background covering more than 15 states and 75 communities, his experience and results have built strong industry relationships. Matthew formed ‘Ohana to continue his long legacy of servant leadership, integrity, and collaboration to the senior housing and healthcare community.

Brad Litle, Vice President

Brad has been a leader in senior care for nearly 15 years, most recently with with a NW regional company as their Skilled Nursing Facility Divisional President. Brad has overseen Skilled, Memory Care, Assisted Living standalone and campus properties. Throughout his tenure he balanced his long-term strategy with the daily demands of operational performance. Brad has also been involved in Long Term Care state and federal political activism. Throughout the COVID pandemic, Brad worked directly with multiple state agencies and hospital systems to develop COVID dedicated specialty units to meet the needs of the state, leading with decisive and clear protocols. He joined as a partner in 'Ohana Ventures to continue his legacy of exceptional outcomes for seniors.

Collaboration. Integrity. Servanthood

Join our movement to make the world a better place for seniors.